Priests, politicians, (American) law personnel and Netflix unite to attack free sexuality.

Perverts and frustrated people from various sides unite to maintain prejudice.


By Prem Milan

Not only do we have TVs, newspapers, advertisement and religions, now Netflix launched a documentary, “Wild wild country”, distorting the history of Osho (Rajneesh) and his passage through Oregon. Someone who is completely free, talking about and supporting sexuality disturbs a lot these square minds who are promoting depression, emotional disturbances and neurosis in humanity.

Everything, as usual, starts in that big shithole called United States of America. These brothers from the north are the biggest shameless assholes in humanity! Poor Dracula, he must be jealous of their ability to suck…

Human beings, do you think the Americans are trustworthy? We trusted them our whole lives and what has happened? Do you remember? All forbidden poisons over there, they sell here! The list could be very long but I won’t go on because this isn’t what this text is about. And I warn you, if you believe these guys, stop reading right here! They have stolen us, cheated on us, fueled corruption, lies, manipulation, destruction of competitors, stuffed us with all kinds of sick medicine and the horrible sedentary life – which causes more disease than anything else. They pretend to be liberal and open, they are “sensitive” when is suits them… and keep relying on conservative fascists such as Reagans, Bushes and Trumps under whose guidance they fuck everyone.

So, in this sweet dear country, Osho (then called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), believed in that beautiful constitution, which turned out to be a big lie, and moved there. A constitution valid to defend the interests of the big corporations, when that’s not the case, the constitution is ripped apart, neglected. That’s what was done to Rajneesh, they tore the constitution because it suited them… Osho going there caused trouble, because wherever he went he caused trouble for being alive and rebel. Dead people mean no trouble, they can only create manifestation of grief and sorrow.

Netflix made a super manipulative, ill minded documentary about Osho’s passage through the States. Like Brazilian Globo, Netflix is good at well-made manipulated movies. Through their soap operas, Globo stuck countless prejudices and manipulations down our throats. They have elected presidents, robbed the public safes and they are everyday inside our houses, creating the life concepts of our children and our own. They manage miracles with their manipulation. Any resemblance of the manipulation seen in Hitler’s times, with Goebbels, is not mere coincidence.

In this documentary by Netflix, they show old people, old couples, old attorneys, ancient, who look absolutely harmless, to talk about how criminal were those youngsters who enjoyed sex so much! To talk about how bad and evil they were. Even I, when started watching, was touched with those sweet old guys sending us images of tenderness. But then it occurred to me “who are these guys? How many black people have they killed? How many black people have they spanked? How many Indians have they killed? Are these old guys that innocent?” The nazi perpetrators, after arrested and old, seemed harmless as well. Poor old fellas, uh? Ask the children of the millions of Jewish they assassinated what they think about it. Those old guys who show up in the movie are two-faced.

They have lied, they have manipulated and, for sure, they fucked up black. This has been done until very recently and, in a lesser scale, until today in the US, but everyone turns a blind eye. There are no black people in Oregon, either they were killed or fled. Americans like to know their own individual rights, but not the others’. They are so good at manipulating that they managed to transform the black in criminals, with their “powerful weapons”: stones, sticks and some knifes while the “poor white Americans” eliminated them shooting their rifles and fire guns. Those old fellows are slavers!

Which credibility these people have to call others criminal? The armed ones going around were the inhabitants of the city of Antelope. They walked around with loaded rifles, shooting to intimidate those sensuous youngsters who made them mad with their sensuousness and openness. As if this wasn’t enough, they planted three bombs in the sannyasin hotel. The hotel was bombed and burned from this attack and they turned this incident into a simple accident, without ever finding out who was responsible for it – a very complex thing to decipher…

It’s just like what was said about Saddam Hussein, that he was full of chemical weapons. In fact, the Americans wanted to steal oil, convinced the world of their lie and massacred the Iraqis. Everyone knows that Saddam is no good guy, but between him and the American presidents, there is no difference.

They were very upset that the sannyasins bought guns to defend themselves. Much better guns than their own, which made them even more pissed off because it really drives them mad when someone has a little more financial power than them. Personally, I wasn’t in favor of them buying guns, playing the Americans’ dirty game – the country with the biggest amount of guns in the world (theoretically in order to defend themselves). Yet, no one in history has killed more people than the Americans, they compete with Hitler for the prize of assassin number one!

At this point, Sheela lost it. She was already fanatical, manipulative and power driven. In response to the criminals of Antelope, who exploded the hotel and walked around intimidating with guns, she started to use guns and do all the manipulations that the other side did to the point of poisoning with salmonella the food of the restaurants in Wasco.

All this was part of a political game also manipulated by the other side. The thing is that Osho knew nothing of this. And a part of the sannyasins also sided with Sheela’s trip, who is considered criminal by the Americans and, in the movie, appears as a redeemed old lady. The same who tried to kill Osho’s physician, because he was the only one who had access to Osho beside her and she didn’t want Osho to find out the game she was playing (for which she had arranged a recording system in Osho’s room). Dear Netflix, you are redeeming Sheela and her loyal right arm, who practiced attempt of murder at Osho’s doctor… They show up in the movie as poor repented ladies, saved by the family… hahaha…

At the beginning of the movie, they show Osho leaving India as if he was running away from some illicit situation he had been involved and mention very slightly that a knife had been thrown at him. That’s big hypocrisy. Many attempts of murder were done against Osho by fundamentalist religious people, because Osho took a position against all organized religions, against fanaticism. He had to leave because they wanted to kill him, with the support of Indian government. Western sannyasins who went to India were often threatened and persecuted by the police.

And what can we say about the American religious? Those who were so upset because people made too much love in Oregon. The sannyasins enjoyed sex too much? They were all adults! There are no claims of pedophilia against Osho or the commune. Now, I learned that, in the city of Boston alone, 900 cases of pedophilia were filed by families of children who had been sexually abused by priests! And those attorneys, those great American citizens, those old fellows who attend this church and put their hands together to pray to God, have payed for these abuses. They have payed incredibly high prices for these sexual abuses. And they are not criminals, to them belongs the right to call others criminals for the fact that they enjoy sex. Osho was never avoiding this issue and is well known that every sannyasin enjoys sex.

And for those who like to bad rap the Namaste center, yes, we like sex very much. We practice high quality sex, which is not possible with nuns or prostitutes. Least to say with repressed women at home. And we are not perverts, on the contrary! We enjoy making love looking into each others’ eyes, we enjoy going deeper into love. When relationships break up, we cry, we express. We don’t stay in relationships for convenience, for comfort, for fear… it is a life choice, we are loyal to our heart and not to the laws of the holy church.

How dare you condemn our natural, spontaneous and conscious sexuality? You, Americans, who support children abuse, who have the record of 900 cases of sexual abuse of children made not by Rajneesh, but by your priests and declared by a movie which you have elected the best of the year: Spotlight.

This stupid series from Netflix was not made by any decent sannyasin. The dead sannyasins, who had sexual energy when were young and later became a bunch of square minded old people, maybe these will enjoy it. We, alive and vibrant sannyasins, don’t like it! In fact, we repudiate the untruth, the distortion and the lies.

It is good that everyone watches this documentary from Netflix and check out the bad intentions behind it. Osho’s position is never shown. Niren’s talks, Osho’s lawyer, were completely edited. Besides him being naïve enough to trust that the Americans would do a good job with the takes. Too bad that he was a “good American guy” signing the authorization of use of the images and audios. I wish I could have talked and then I would have spitted some words of fire from someone who is not walking under an American law which states “in order to fill ourselves up, we can fuck the whole world!”

And they still want to talk about human rights and individual freedom, which they don’t honor.

Wait for the sequence: Netflix promotes campaign to throw away all pedophile religions from the US.

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