Priests, politicians and moralists destroyers of joy and sexuality



By Prem Milan 

This is a claim for our clients’ forgiveness. For being so irresponsible to believe in these two young directors, educated by one of America’s most square and old minded churches and schools; for having believed in Jon Bowerman and other Antelope residents. We did not know that this apparently sweet old man was the husband of a woman who committed pedophilia. We were shocked to find out that she was sentenced to 6 years of limitation of freedom, and we were even more shocked when we learned that Jon was more than 30 years older than her, which leaves us some questions… And we, from Netflix, in respect to our every day money from you, will also show the point of view from the Osho people. We were led to error and, we confess, it was out of prejudice and ignorance. In short, we will show a more realistic and balanced version, including square minds, prosecutors, but also various types of sannyasins. Especially those who hold the spirit of Osho. We relied too much on Sheela’s view and the ones close to her, and we edited the lawyer’s version of Osho.

Bam, boom, bang! Fuck! Wow, what a crazy dream I had! This only happens in a dream, what a pity… What a pity… Ahh, well it could be real, that someone would realize it.

Hi Netflix, scroungers of our money, when you will start the campaign: “let’s expel all pedophile religions from the USA”? Ah?

First, Antelope: Oregon was one of the most racist states in the US! It was where the Ku Klux Klan was strongest. In addition, they elected a governor member of the Ku Klux Klan (Walter M. Pierce – 1922) and in the 80’s they supported the skinhead movement to establish a white state. So, while Osho lived in Oregon, racism was boiling, even showing cases of collective beating of Senegalese immigrants in Portland in 1988. Antelope is in Oregon! Those old people who appear in the movie are RACISTS! They sanctioned a law which stated that every six months black people could be flogged with 29 to 35 lashes. That was law in Oregon! They sent the African-American out of the town, men had to leave within two years and women within three.

So, sorry, citizens of the world. Do you believe in this kind of people? I’m talking about rapists and killers of black people. I haven’t even mentioned the Native Americans and how they were wiped out from Oregon. So, Netflix and the two butthead directors, tell us the truth about who those people are. Do you believe them? Do you think I believe in Reagan? In Bush? In Trump? I haven’t found my brain in the trash… For starters, I don’t believe in Americans.

Well, now that we know what Antelope is, we can deduce who the real criminals are … Are they the young followers of Osho? What do you think? Or the members of the Ku Klux Klan? Or young people who like sex and dressing in red? Hard to understand? These two directors are either very stupid or very ill-intentioned … Pick up a side.

Who financed all that distortion? Who paid for that all? Maybe Nike? The father of one of those guys, Jon Bowerman, that old man who spoke so softly and naively but who hid that his wife was convicted for pedophilia? You can find it here: ( Or Sheela, with the millions of dollars she stole from the community? Ahh, you did not know? Well … you don’t know a lot about Osho’s stuff and you get the version from the prejudiced Americans who still claim that the natives were bad guys. 

Another part of the funding must have come from priests, politicians, cabaret owners, prostitutes in general, drug addicts, drug dealers. As Osho was the only one defending human nature, human sexuality and would go against all this class, against the business of these guys! Imagine: a person who is sexually satisfied and happy in their life, doesn’t want drugs, doesn’t want coca cola, doesn’t seek for a priest, doesn’t worry about status, home, consuming … They want to see the moon, they want love! 

No, no… Rajneesh is not good for business. This guy keeps badmouthing Reagan and your politicians, who are always so decent and full of compassion towards the oppressed people… defending morals, family and property. “We’re with God! Oh Lord, deliver us from the temptations of the Rajneeshes, with their beautiful and seductive women and men who will lead us into sin! “

I can only comment like that… and those who believe in this distortion from Netflix are alike. But we don’t want to make you believe that. We aren’t politicians, soul merchants (religious). We are human beings who want to grow and explore our sexuality, love, power, joy… We are not here to wait for our retirement nor to explore others.

Osho was the only one who had the guts to say that the US was ruled by a guy who had an IQ below a monkey! Ronald Reagan! And Osho never stopped! He talked a lot about Reagan. He talked a lot about politicians and priests. The only one who had the courage to speak against priests and religious people, calling them crooks. 

In addition, Osho had a lot of money, yes he did! Simply because there were many rich Sannyasins who followed him. So they made very large donations to Osho. Something he didn’t give so much importance and also never hid from anyone…

And they wanted to create a utopian city and did it! The Netflix series is so unscrupulous, so untrue that all the images they show from the commune are ugly. They only show sheds, ugly pictures… If you are a decent person and want to know the truth, watch this movie, which is about the Osho community. In it you will see the real community with beautiful people, with people embracing, celebrating… in the series everything they show is gray.

And, don’t forget the whole issue was that Osho was the guy who had the courage to deal with sexuality. He was brave enough to encourage sexuality as something good and healthy. THAT WAS THE GREAT PROBLEM! And now thirty-something years later comes Netflix with a video to blow it up.

There are so many other details to mention about the series… The jealousy from the Americans, from the average American citizen of an Indian would have so much money. The same people have never had a problem with Trump and his billions of scams, because if Trump is not a jerk, no one else is. If Bush is not a bastard, no one else is. If Reagan is not a jerk, no one else is. And you cannot stick your neck out for other Democrats, as they’ve always been taking advantage of everyone.

 The American people are hypocritical because they pretend they are liberal, democratic, but when their economy start to become difficult, they elect those bastards to detonate everyone. And they are constantly sucking everybody. They suck the planet, they’re the biggest vampires. United States of America are like weed, they suck and are useless.

 I wonder if these American citizens are going to expel all the religions that have committed pedophilia. I’m not talking about sex, I’m talking about sex crimes. Pedophilia is a sex crime. Or will we accept that it is like this: people confess and pay? Then you pay and have the right to abuse of a 7 or 8 year-old child? You pay 2 million and the family accepts that…. Good, right? 2 million dollars! I wonder what Jesus Christ thinks up there… Does he approve of $ 2 million worth of sexual abuse?

Please, American people! Please, Netflix! Urgently, make a 400-episode documentary on sexual child abuse in the United States. Do it! Please, Antelope and all American society, let’s kick out all religions that commit sexual abuse. Right? After you do that, then we can discuss Osho, okay? Then we’ll discuss it, see it! First, you’re going to clean that latrine you are!

 And the Europeans too! Expel all Europeans who come to Brazil for sex tourism in Ceará. With direct flights Europe-Ceará to abuse girls who are 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 years old, paying very cheap prices! Or are we going to pretend we don’t know that? That airplanes land in Ceará and Recife for sex tourism? We don’t know, right? We cannot prove it!

 They haven’t proved anything about Osho, but they make a 6-hour film against him. It’s dirty, really truly dirty. And why all that? Because we defend sexuality.

And also, these swindlers used Sheela, who was mad, as the main witness. She wanted to drive everyone away from Osho because she was jealous, because she was totally crazy about power. Then she started saying that Osho was being drugged. And Netflix puts it in a way as if he was really stoned. They even use an image where Osho stumbled, so it looks as if he was high or something. A complete cheat! Everyone who went to Poona knows that there is no drug there! It is forbidden inside the Ashram. Osho never stimulated any kind of drug use, on the contrary, was always totally against it.

 It is possible, indeed, that you find a drugged Sannyasin. So, if there’s a junkie at school, are we going to blame the school? It seems Osho is treated like that! Osho has never been involved with drugs and those manipulators have tried everything to associate him with it. It is very indecent! In the Osho centers worldwide they have always fought against drugs. In their books, in their speeches. That is clear.

 So I would like all the decent people who keep their natural sexuality to protest violently against this crime. You don’t have to agree with Osho, but you don’t have to agree with lies.

 Because those lies aren’t just to attack Osho. They attack all free humans. They are against freedom, they are in favor of prejudice, they are in favor of the destruction of the nature of mankind. For the destruction of human pleasure, so that the multinationals can fill us with antidepressants, medicines to be able to have sex, to fight the limp-dickness they created themselves. With their poisons, internet, whatsapp, with all their life distortion. Then it’s time for all of us, human beings, to say  ENOUGH to this shameless!

 Start boycotting Netflix, because that  one isn’t the only biased documentary, there are others which are on the way … very biased. Very stupid. Netflix is a great poison, a cancer, which is inside your house. And this crap makes us addicts! There are a few good things in the channel but behind it is rot, they want to get into our minds.